SG365 Men’s Summer 2016 Essentials

I know that I may be late for the summer essentials train, but I really wanted to take the time to go through all the various men’s summer trends for 2016 and hand pick the ones that I truly stand behind. So here it is Style Guide 365’s list of men’s summer 2016 essentials: Continue reading “SG365 Men’s Summer 2016 Essentials”

The 8 Richest Men in Fashion

Yesterday Forbes released their annual list of the richest people on the planet. While we all don’t need our egos to be shot anymore, it is quite an interesting list. The world’s billionaires net worth dropped an average of $300 million per person and room was made for 198 newcomers, among them the founders of Pinterest and WeWork. Any who, enough of that… here are the 8 richest men in fashion!! Continue reading “The 8 Richest Men in Fashion”

General Idea Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Although NYFWM is over and the Women’s shows are about to kick off. I am still living through other blogs and sites. Here’s a really dope collection that I loved. Check out General Idea! Continue reading “General Idea Men’s RTW Fall 2016”

Max N’ Chester Fall/ Winter 2016 NYFM Presentation

Today marked the last day of the NYFWM shows. Although, I was not able to attend the shows in person this season I managed to get some of the images and inspiration sheets behind the collections. So let’s get started with the first collection, shall we? Here is the Max N’ Chester Fall? Winter 2016 Men’s Presentation. Continue reading “Max N’ Chester Fall/ Winter 2016 NYFM Presentation”

The Fresh Prince of Calabasas: Jaden Smith Sits Down With GQ

The stylish and famous 17 year old is far from the average teenager. For starters let’s state the obvious, he’s famous, but he is also a very driven individual.  Continue reading “The Fresh Prince of Calabasas: Jaden Smith Sits Down With GQ”

One of My Favorite Fall Look Books (Street Style)

I follow many men’s fashion blogs and you tubers and this is one of my favorite youtube look books. The outfits are very clean, yet raw and they’re very inexpensive. See, you don’t have to be a baller to have style. Continue reading “One of My Favorite Fall Look Books (Street Style)”

How to Create the Perfect Man Bun/ Top Knot

Men’s hair and beauty is evolving just as quickly as Men’s Fashion is.  One of the trendiest hairstyles out for men is the man bun/ top knot (which I personally rocked for about two years). I love this hair style and I am actually growing my hair back out so I can wear it like this again. Not everyone can rock it or wears it properly (in my opinion). Continue reading “How to Create the Perfect Man Bun/ Top Knot”